Created by Terry: Dasha

This one was 100% inspired by one of my favorite bloggers. She had posted a dress which had a sort of double top with mesh panels, which I thought would make for one sexy shoe. I felt this completely captured not only her look, but I felt captured her persona as well.


See Dasha’s outfit post here.

Learning to Draw

I’ll confess: before I started down this road to sketch and create shoe designs, I didn’t have the faintest idea how to draw shoes. In fact, some designs are STILL really difficult for me to draw, for some reason (curse you, wedges and platform shoes!).

As I practice more, I’m starting to play more with shapes, and colors. I’ve even created some designs inspired by some of the bloggers I follow, in my attempt to create a shoe that captures their persona and personal style.

I hope you enjoy these all as I continue on this journey of creativity.


Shoe Sketches page1

Shoe Sketches page3

Shoe Sketches